We are proud of JRC’s long-standing reputation for the quality of its products and services. Our success is driven by the achievement of corporate goals, and we recognize that this is dependent on having an intelligent, talented and highly motivated workforce.

JRC has been providing sales and support of a range of communication and navigation equipment since 1915. As the company expanded around the world, our network developed globally at an ever increasing pace.

The first European footstep was in Las Palmas, where JRC opened its first office in 1968, offering service of tuna fishing boats. The first Dutch office was established in Rotterdam in 1972. In the same year JRC opened a branch office in London. A great deal of care and attention was spent in ensuring that our regional offices have an appropriate range of facilities and services available to provide the very best for our customers.

Today, JRC Europe is located in Schiphol-Rijk, The Netherlands, founded in August 2000. Since its foundation, our office grew extensively which quintupled the number of employees. Our talented and motivated staff, coinciding with our solid, innovative products and service realized an unremitting annual sales increase and market share in Europe.

The company relies on a network of 30 distributors. We are extremely well known in the maritime industry thanks to our more than 90 years in the business. Still, there is plenty of potential for our products in Europe…

Office insights

Our standard working hours are from 9:00am to 5:00pm, with 45 minutes for lunch. As JRC is a 24-7, 365-days-a-year business, working hours can vary across the organization in some departments.

In such a dynamic and committed workforce, flexibility is essential. JRC is keen to maintain a balanced approach between work and personal time and offers variable working hour options.

The dress code is flexible according to the role you carry out, respecting high standards of personal presentation on customer-facing occasions and 'business casual' where that is appropriate. The only restriction is to be sensitive to colleagues by avoiding anything that could be considered offensive.

Salaries at JRC are highly competitive and appropriately reflect an individual's contribution, in line with level or responsibility and complexity of the position they hold.

A formal salary review is held every year to ensure salaries remain in line with market trends and on-going value to the business. Ad hoc salary increases may occur if there is a substantial change in responsibilities or a job has evolved significantly, although generally the focus is on an annual review.

On top, we provide a thirteenth month bonus at the end of each year.

All JRC staff are given 25 days annual leave in each 12-month period. Additionally, as a flexible benefit, JRC offers 3 annual compulsory days, which are set at the beginning of each new year. These ‘free’ company days differ every year, but are conveniently adjoining fixed vacation days.

JRC's pension schemes are contributory, with contributions from the company and from staff. You will be eligible to join our pension scheme from the first day of your employment, if you are aged 18 or over.