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JRC plays an integral role in the lives of seafarers. Today, not only do thousand of vessels in the merchant, fishing and leisure sector rely on our products for safe navigation, but also benefit from our advancements in technology.

Read below how mariners use JRC products in their everyday lives at sea.


JRC JUE-250 onboard tuna ship (MFE)

Albatun Dos, the Spanish Albacora-owned superseiner, fills up with the tuna after speedily downloading satellite fishing maps using the JUE-250 FleetBroadband.

Name Albatun dos
Gross registered tonnage 3200
Length 116 meters
Year of construction 2004
Type of vessel Tuna fishing vessel (purse seiner)




JRC onboard Icelandic vessel

ASTA B was put to sea for the first time beginning December 2009.

Length 15 meters
Boatbuilder Trefjar ehf
Year of construction 2009
Type of vessel Long liner (fishing) vessel




JRC FB250 onboard oil tanker (MFE)

“The FleetBroadband MFE enabled us to trial a number of technologies that we had wanted to use in the past, but just didn't have the bandwidth for."

Name Sonangol Kizomba
Gross registered tonnage 81,230
Length 274 meters
Ownership Sonangol Shipping Lt
Type of vessel Oil tanker (Suazmax)