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This website is maintained by JRC Europe (hereinafter called "JRC") and/or in association with its agents and intermediaries. Please read the following terms and conditions carefully. If you wish to use this website you must first agree to these terms and conditions, which may change without notice. Please check back often for the latest information and changes and developments.


Copright and terms of usage

The content posted on this website is considered to be intellectual property and as such protected under international copyright law, various treaties, and appropriate regulations on a country by country basis. Use of this proprietary content in any form without obtaining written approval in advance is strictly prohibited except for personal use and is subject to the limitations, restrictions and penalties set forth in law. Unauthorized duplication or copying is prohibited as are all unauthorized changes, amendments or alterations of the content herein. Use of JRC proprietary content is further prohibited in the case of all forms of dissemination and communication, whether by means of digital networks, displays of any kind, transmissions in any form or format, all kinds of distribution, licensing, sales, publications, quotations and the like.

The software that is provided on this website is protected by copyright and intellectual property law and is therefore the property of those who hold the rights to it under specified agreements and as stipulated under law. Therefore, each application shall be used in compliance with the provisions of the software license agreement provided by the rights holder, as well as in accordance with the provisions of copyright law, various treaties, and other regulations, both international and national as are appropriate.


Registered trademarks

The trademark "JRC", and the names of JRC's other products are trademarks or registered trademarks of Japan Radio, Co., Ltd. Names of other products and companies are the business names, registered trademarks, or trademarks of the corresponding companies.


Conditions relating to computers used to access this website

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  1. Behaviour which could have a negative effect on JRC or its assets or on any third party or their assets.
  2. Behaviour which infringes on or could infringe on the privacy of JRC or a third party.
  3. Behaviour such as defamation, slander, or intimidation toward JRC or a third party.
  4. Behaviour which results or could result in disadvantage or damage to JRC or a third party.
  5. Behaviour which is detrimental to the credit or the reputation of JRC or a third party.
  6. Behaviour for the purpose (or which serves to prepare) commercial activities or commercial gain.
  7. Behaviour that offends or could offend public order and morals.
  8. Behaviour that is, encourage or is complicit with or leads to criminal or illegal actions.
  9. Behaviour that constitutes false declaration and notification, such as registering someone else's e-mail address.
  10. Behaviour that uses or provides, or could use or provide, harmful programmes such as computer viruses.
  11. Behaviour that changes, adds to, alters or otherwise modifies the content of this website.
  12. Other behaviours that violate or could violate other laws, statutes, or ordinances.
  13. Any and all other behaviours or actions that are determined inappropriate by JRC.



Links to other websites

The contents of websites linked to or from this website (hereinafter called "other websites") are maintained as the responsibility of each third party, and are not under the control of JRC. Therefore, these other websites should be used in accordance with the terms provided on each website. JRC assumes no responsibility for the contents of other websites or for any damage caused by the use of such websites.

A "link" to another website does not mean that JRC is recommending use of the website, or the products, services, or companies posted on these websites, and it does not indicate that JRC has a special relationship with these websites, such as business or commercial partnership or any such linkage.


Concerning responses to enquiries

The responses that we provide to our customers in reply to specific questions or enquiries are for the sole use of the person or persons asking those questions or making those enquiries.

JRC may not be able to answer all customer questions or enquiries, depending on the content or nature of the question or enquiry.

Enquiries that are made by e-mail may require additional response time. Please contact your local JRC office directly in the event that you need a faster response.

JRC is under no obligation to respond to any improperly submitted suggestions that are sent to JRC by our customers via enquiry forms or other methods that JRC has not designated as appropriate venues for suggestions, even in the event that such suggestions relate to technical specifications, operational specifications, and the like. Any such improperly submitted suggestions that customers or others may send to JRC may be discarded without evaluation or examination of content. Properly submitted suggestions become the sole property of JRC, along with all rights thereof.

This policy is taken to avoid any misunderstanding or disagreement that might result between JRC and its customers over rights of use, in the event that a concept or innovation created by JRC appears to be similar to something suggested by a customer. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

JRC assumes that all customer suggestions are sent to us in agreement with the above understanding. Even if a suggestion that is sent to us appears to be the same as or similar to a concept, product innovation, or product later created by JRC, that concept, product innovation, or product and the rights thereof will be the sole property of JRC. JRC assumes no responsibility for payment or for compensation to any individual, group or entity making a suggestion that might appear to have to been involved in process of creation.

Although JRC provides information on this website with the greatest possible care, JRC does not guarantee that the information is correct, useful, authentic, appropriate to the user's needs, or safe.

JRC assumes no responsibility for any damage caused by using or not using this information, or by using the website.

JRC may change the information on this website without advance notice, and may discontinue or cancel management of the website at any time.

JRC assumes no responsibility for any damages caused by changing the information, or discontinuing or cancelling this website for any reason whatsoever.


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