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Extend the service and support coverage for your JRC products with our annual maintenance plan, carried out by Marinfonet. This company, established by JRC exists to provide the highest level of maintenance.

If you have obtained new JRC products, you can sign up for our annual maintenance plan, simply by contacting JRC or Marinfonet directly. Based upon your JRC products onboard, Marinfonet will make a customized plan based upon your requirements. The comprehensive and preventive plan includes an annual maintenance check, but also may include class safety radio and safety equipment surveys, unlimited repair service, spare parts supply and fixed amount packages with labor fees.

As Marinfonet is a part of the JRC group, advantage is taken from the JRC StarNetwork™, allowing for maintenance service on navigation and communication equipment onboard anywhere in the world.

All the service and support history is stored, and after receiving any service order, data history will be exchanged with attending engineer and direct contact with the vessel maximizes the chances for a successful first time fix. JRC product users can also access our online database to view the latest developments of service coordination and reports.

Marinfonet has a dedicated 24-hour help desk. For more information, visit here.

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